PASS THE Women’s Health Protection Act to federally guarantee safe access to abortion services for patients and protect the right for medical personal to safely provide those necessary services.

PASS THE Student Loan Relief Act to give immediate relief to federal student loan borrowers in an amount of no less than $50K or the total amount owed.

PERMANENTLY EXPAND THE Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 to include thirty-six weeks of paid and protected leave time for all new parents, including those involved in an adoption, whether that is through birth family or adoptive family.

PASS THE States Reform Act to federally decriminalize cannibis and THC, expunge the records of those previously incarcerated, non-violent offenders and immediately release those who qualify for record expungement and are serving related sentences, as well as provide measures to support small business ventures related to the cultivation, processing, and safe distribution of recreational or medicinal Marijuana products