Everything you need to know before getting involved and helping gaurentee that abortion is afordable and accessible everywhere.

Who Are We?

We are a pro-choice community striking for reproductive healthcare and abortion rights. Our group was created in the wake of the unconstitutional Texas abortion ban that came into effect on September 1st, 2021, and is inclusive of cis women, trans men and women, non-binary people, and cis men. Our first strike occurred on a national level on September 24th and 25th of 2021 and was 100% volunteer based. Strikers refused all labor on both days, regardless of pay, as well as boycotted spending in every facet of daily life. The purpose of such a labor and money strike was to punctuate the reality of the pro-choice community’s contributions to society, and what is lost when they choose to withdraw them. This strike occurred both virtually and in-person.

What Do We Stand For?

The Without Us community unapologetically believes that abortion is essential healthcare and, as such, is a basic human right. A right which should be affordable and accessible to all persons with a uterus and the ability to reproduce, bereft of the religious, political, or personal beliefs of others. We also unequivocally demand that the state, local, and federal governments ensure that right be available to all American people.

Currently, Without Us is working with Congress to pass the Womans Health Protection Act (WHPA).

How can I get involved?

There are lots of ways you can help!

  • Share Safe Abortion Resources: we have a compiled list of abortion resources on our social media pages soon. Help to share those and reach as many people in need as possible.

  • Donate Pregnancy Tests! - Reach out to women’s shelters, LGBTQ shelters, food pantries, and homeless shelters, and ask if they will accept a donation of pregnancy tests to add to their toiletries. These can be bought at most dollar stores very cheaply. This is especially important in states like Texas, where abortions are being more heavily restricted. We know our most vulnerable are the ones who suffer under these laws, and easy access to pregnancy tests can give them more time to plan and find help, whatever they decide to do.

  • Flood social media - Change your icon on all platforms to one of our many red lightning bolt icons. Flood the internet with your support! If it is safe for you to do so, share your story, your “why’, and your call to action online using #WithoutUsStrike

  • Contact Your Representative - Make no mistake, your congressional representatives work for YOU! Let them know what you expect from them and ask them to publicly pledge their support (and to announce what actions they will take to protect your rights!).

  • To do this, first figure out what congressional district you are in. This is as easy as searching “(My county) congressional election district lines”. Your local government website should populate with a link to a map of district lines. Find where your home lies, and that number is your district!

  • Find and contact your Representatives, both at a state and federal level. Find your representative here.

  • Contact Candidates for the Upcoming Election - Do you know who is running in your area for the 2022 election? It is time to find out! Find your ballot to get an idea of what positions will be up for election. Congress? Governor/Lieutenant Governor? What about the City Council? Make a list of the positions that you can vote on in your district (see Contact Your Representatives above for tips on identifying your district). See someone you like? Don’t be shy! Reach out and ask them questions- maybe even ask them to publicly pledge to protect our reproductive rights if they are elected to office!

  • Teach - One of the biggest things you can do is get more people voting. We are tragically underrepresented in primary elections, and especially midterms (like 2022 will be!). But state, local, and congressional roles are what really matter! They are the positions that have the most say in legislation. Using the tips above in Contact Your Representatives, help your friends and family identify their chosen candidate, and help get them excited to vote! Are they registered? Consider helping them sign up to vote online.

What Are Our Current Goals?

Our current goals include:

  • Fostering community action in defense of all persons with a uterus.

  • Raising donations for abortion funds.

  • Spurring greater numbers of voter registration and turnout for the 2022 election and beyond.

  • Exemplifying public demand for lawmakers to denounce SB8 and pass the Women’s Health Protection Act (WHPA).

What Are Our Future Goals?

Expanding Aid: We will continue the fight for universal access to contraceptives, as well as education around them and their side effects. According to BioMedCentral (BMC), “Unintended pregnancies have a substantial impact on public health. (People) with unintended pregnancies have a higher percentage of late entry to care, alcohol and drugs use during pregnancy and higher rates of preterm birth. Unintended pregnancies are often higher among adolescents, lower income, minority, and single (people) who have poverty rates twice that of other groups, making the financial impact of an unplanned conception even greater. Improved access to contraception by age 20 has been shown to decrease the likelihood that a (person) will subsequently live in poverty and thus increase one’s quality of life… With the onset of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and the resurface of a national economic depression, it is important that now more than ever we consider the economic burden of these unintended pregnancies and the strain on national resources…One study estimated that the direct medical cost of unintended pregnancy in the United States was more than $4.6 billion annually.

As a nation, we are richer, freer, and more equal, when everyone has the ability and the knowledge to make their own reproductive decisions.

Why The Red Lightning Bolt?

Our red lightning bolt imagery is based off the one used in Polish protests that followed a near-total ban on abortion. The original image was created by graphic designer, Ola Jasionowska in 2016, and became a main symbol of the pro-choice movement in Poland. The meaning behind it was to convey both the power of the people, as well as be a warning to the government.

Are You 100% Volunteer Based?

Yes, we are!

We believe that the real power lies within the people, and that true change occurs in local communities before it takes on a national following. As a grassroots community, our focus is on changing the hearts and minds of our neighbors first, and building a more inclusive, respectful, and free world from the ground up.

Why is community leadership and engagement so vital?

Community engagement enables better understanding of communities’ needs and aspirations. Meaningful, inclusive community engagement is important, even critical, to community well being.

  • All communities are different, and the best people to represent the needs of your community are the people within it. When we do not get involved in matters of policy, we remove our own voices- and the voices of our neighbors- from the discussion

  • Engaged communities are strong communities. Communities that have better communication, representation, and activity in local and state politics will undoubtedly be more resilient. This resilience serves us not only in times of trouble by offering buffers and existing patterns of community action, but also in times of prosperity- where we are better able to lift each other up and push forward.

  • Political engagement has become a game for the well off or well connected. This has removed the majority of the population from the discussion at all levels of government. By helping everyday people learn to use their voices in a way that makes people listen, we are reintegrating ourselves into the political sphere, and by securing voter rights and protections, we are reinstating our communities as the people in power - the way a Democratic Republic is meant to be run.

Why is it so important to vote in local, state, AND federal elections?

  • Simply put, we believe that elections have consequences. By voting for candidates who will actively fight for the values one believes in, they are utilizing the power to decide on the quality of life they want for themselves and for future generations. This is a right guaranteed to us by our Constitution. When one decides not to vote, not only do they allow others to decide their future for them, but they also give up the ability to have a say in their own money in the form of taxes.

  • If you haven’t already, take 15 minutes to register to vote! Not only to vote but register as a Democrat - and here is why:

  • Even if you don't fall within party lines, registering as a Democrat allows you to have a say in the primaries. That means you get to help guide who could run your state. So, people who vote by party, or who only vote in the general election, will be more likely to have a good candidate on their ballots come November 2022. Voting in the primaries doesn't determine who you vote for in the general election, but it does decide who your options are!

Check your registration status here.

Register to vote here.

I Run a Buisness. How Can We Help?

There are many ways a buisness can help, both directly and indirectly.

  • Stock the Restrooms - Stock your restrooms with menstrual products and pregnancy tests! Consider offering those options in all restrooms, regardless of gender designation. Not only will your staff thank you, but you will be giving your customers a safe place to use pregnancy tests without drawing attention. This is especially important for people who are in an unsafe household, where pregnancy may increase the risk of harm to their person.

  • Book Store White Out! - Book stores and libraries, consider a white out day! If possible for your staff in an independent book store, turn the works of female and queer authors around, hiding their spines against the back of the shelf. This is a great visual representation of the contributions women have made in the literary field. Store too big for that to be plausible? Make a female empowerment (and inclusive!) display at the front of your store.

  • Give Staff Days Off to Vote - Giving your staff a day off to vote for Primaries and General elections in election years (such as 2022!) helps make voting more accessible for everyone. Not only is it our civic duty to support voting access for our fellow citizens, but you can have a direct impact on whether or not your staff’s voices are heard.